Omg ! Wrong hole surprise Anal for a babe

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Logical Perversions 3 years ago
With videos like these, I tend to get my nut, then read the comments.

Oh the joy
Fake 3 years ago
It’s fake his dick wouldn’t fit that easily if she never had assplay before
Directors love to act this shit out, please say "Dont and stop" etc.

This is just that, acting. They have concent forms with every position planned out.

Please stop calling this rape.
QDJ 3 years ago
I just want to let the males who might not have experience with anal know that real “surprise” anal, even for someone who has already had anal sex before, can be the worst pain and cause internal damage with severe consequences. This video is staged but please don’t try this with someone who isn’t expecting it. No means no. And if you’re both new and do get consent - starting super slow with tons of safe lube that turns into rough pounding can be life-changing good ;) Just make good choices
Anonym 3 years ago
Poor girl
y’all serious 3 years ago
if she didn’t want it then she would literally pushed him off and get out not just lay there and take it. it wasn’t like he was holding her down. she has room, she would struggle if she didn’t like it. i know cause i’ve had that shit happen to me. it fucking hurts like hell like your butthole skin being ripped apart. this is fake so y’all calm down.
John 3 years ago
Well she does anal now
Sarah Silverman 3 years ago
Whats up with all the faggots in the comments. White knights.
JCW 3 years ago
She said no plz stop. He was disrespectful
3 years ago
Son of a bitch