Your package is here! Delivery guy catches a glance of hot couple fucking and gets invited in to fuck them both!

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2 years ago
This is the hottest thing I've seen in awhile! I wish my sex life was like this.
anonymous 2 years ago
I would actually love being fucked like that me riding a dick and another dude licking my clit. Mmmmmm makes me soooo wet
DiksRUs 2 years ago
I wish my girlfriend would let another dude join us
2 years ago
I'm a delivery guy I would love this to happen to me.
Mick 1 year ago
My amazing very sexual girlfriend who has permission to play told me last week she sucked and fucked the cable guy twice when I was at work. She took a video of it and let me watch when she was sucking my cock. Needless to say we have a new friend as he is bi-sexual like me with an amazing cock. She told she couldn’t help herself and wanted him so bad. Blew a huge load down her throat. The cool thing he is only 27 and we are in our early 50’s. He fucked her so good.
2 years ago
Anyone know her name?
Someone 2 years ago
Miss watching my ex get fucked
Idk 2 years ago
Fuck that was hot
1 year ago
I'd let her fuck all the guys she wanted to if she was my girlfriend and she knows that she can fuck all the guys she wants to cause I'm going to have the guys she brings to fuck her fuck me also and she tells the guys she wants to fuck they have to fuck me also when they come over and fuck
2 years ago
The guys are clearly only into the girl