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Polygamist 2 years ago
Personally not into the whole cuckold inferiority thing. If this was my wife, she would be fucking other guys openly because she was my cum slut slave and I ordered her to. She could easily fuck this guy Chris, in the bathroom and return with face cum, cum on her tits, or cum running out of her pussy. I would love it. Another guy wants to fuck her in public? No problem. She loses her job for fucking in public and becomes a stripper? I would love it if she did.
drtydaddy 3 years ago
Why do you fuck these videos up with the stupid music.
3 years ago
wheres part 4 where she starts her job working under chris?
2 years ago
Great videos!! The first segments whore was the best! She has a beautiful face and body, she has such a great inocent face that it was very exciting to see her get excited! Any man would be proud of her being a whore and being married to her!!!!
beastsoul 3 years ago
is it wrong to like watch married people fuck
pisswed off! 2 years ago
WTF do you put music to porn?? DUH!! dont fucking do it!!
⁶66 3 years ago
Who ladies in part 1?
BobRoss 1 year ago
Bruh im tryna bust a nut, not bust a move.
3 years ago
I could not remember him at all but I remembered everything else about the guy. Someone could've come up with some better lines than this crap lol.
Vickey 2 years ago
Nice story making, love to see a girl get fuk in front of others