Two young couples starting out on the swinger. Believe it or not, THE VIDEO WAS NOT PLANNED is TOTALLY REAL

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3 years ago
Can someone tell that fucking dude in the background to shut the fuck up... Ruining whole video...
billy 2 years ago
"NOT PLANNED"??? He's literally directing them!
3 years ago
What a turn on while licking them out to have them kissing each other two right horny slut the one with the bow in her hair what a body love when they swap partners they love their cunts eaten love the fact the girls are bi
Yikes 3 years ago
Can't kiss the girls after they sucked off their friends. Yuck
Moses 2 years ago
Can this video is English language to ireally did not understand what the conversation was.
Frankie W. 2 years ago
Now this one was, finally, watch-worthy! Two decent-looking young gals, lotsa girl-girl, boy-girl action, major amounts of 69 action, Kudos!
VoyeurTom 2 years ago
Everything about this was posed and planned from beginning to end. All four participants looked bored and distracted. I hope the money was good -- nothing else was.
Wtf 1 year ago
He’s typing on his phone. Talking at all.
Both dudes can’t eat pussy for saving their lives. One guying digging with his fingers to try and find something?
It’s like they approach eating pussy like it was getting their dicked sucked to hard and aggressive. Don’t watch porn to get pointers on eating pussy.
Big daddy chocolate 1 year ago
Wanna ruin a perfect video quick af. , whip out some condoms.
Kurt 1 year ago
The boys should have suck each other's cocks as well. Nothing wrong being bi! The girl eating the boys ass is so hot!