Zara Is Wondering Just What She Got Herself Into

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@Striker 3 years ago
I don't enjoy large penises at all, I have experienced them twice and the men think they are pleasuring me by just jamming this inside me and its terrible. Give me a man with great oral game and knows how to use his fingers any day of the week... Sorry , we dont care for your big penis at all
Striker 3 years ago
He should have rammed in up in her pussy balls deep! Then rammed it up her ass!
3 years ago
Damn he should have used some lube. Damn and she wasn't even that wet. If you want to make it easy on your girl if you got a big cock you to make sure you can slide in easy and take your time and put half an each at a time. You got to make sure she enjoys it.
3 years ago
I want that dick in my tight pussy
Nobody 3 years ago
She dont know how to suck....just fucking open your mouth girl.
May 2 years ago
Any black man with a HUGE cock want to fuck me??!??! It would be my first time. And I want to experience it
2 years ago
Just use some lube
Girl wasn’t even wet
Pretend 3 years ago
Stop pretending it won't fit and just jam it in her already!!!
Alan 3 years ago
Yeah, right, she coulda fit two of his cocks in that cave!! First time my Ass! !
Riksteel 2 years ago
Waste of film and time.Boring. If she gonna do porn then do it.Should have lubed it up and pushed it in.