bdsm girl

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3 years ago
If i would be a woman for one day this is the kinda shit i would be doing
3 years ago
Who is she ? Name pls..
3 years ago
i would love to be put on display like this!
Toetapper 4 years ago
Lovely woman from face to shapely feet. Great predicament; appreciate her frustration.
Hardguy 3 years ago
Perfect body and looks frustrating!
2 years ago
My Master should display me like this in front of his friends. And antagonize his slave girl all day and night with the help of his friends. Never letting her know if she will actually be used or not.....poor slave girl....
3 years ago
This is how I store and display for sale my slaves
8 months ago
It's a shame this girl only did a couple shoots with Metal Bondage would love to see more of her
MrTim 1 year ago
Sure with I could see her in person!!!
2 years ago