His lap is so warm and comfy. He also has a convenient located pacifier on his lap to suck on while we relax. So Cozy!!! xxx 1080p

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Anonymous 2 years ago
That dick is about the size of a pacifier! Hahhah
2 years ago
Now that's how it's suppose to be, cum and then fall asleep with it in your mouth
Anon 2 years ago
This is awesome. Small penis don't matter. This should happen at least 4 times a week! Although, he should have been playing with her pussy the whole time. Give and take you know.
Meh 1 year ago
Love everyone laughing at his dick. But he's the one getting head from a hot woman️
2 years ago
Instant wife..
That shits so hot 2 years ago
I just wanna feel babygirl on it so bad
Lmao 1 year ago
They watchin austin powers
Archie 1 year ago
Lovely blowjob, cute lady, great video!
Emma 32 hours ago
Her lip is the same color as his cock
2 months ago
Such a cute couple