Step Mom & Son in Love - Alex Adams

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Huh? 4 years ago
This dude has like 20 different moms
Damn 4 years ago
I never realized how unattractive fake titties are until this video
A normal guy 4 years ago
Holy shit are there some weird individuals in these comments
Mom 4 years ago
I know my son fucks his gf. But when he comes home I like to taste it I love the taste of his cock after he fucks his gf MMMM!!
Slutpaula 4 years ago
This is so much like my son and I after we realized we had a thing for each other. He came home from college one weekend and I didn't know and walked out of the shower naked. Being an exhibitionist like I have always been since the 7th grade I didn't hide from him. I noticed that he was getting an erection and I suddenly realized I was getting turned on by that. We have been lovers since and I proudly fuck for him.
Thomas 4 years ago
I always loved when dad traveled, my mom seemed to follow me around the house in sexy see thru clothing no panties. Our play time in bed was fantastic. Her seductive chat always got the best of me.
pepe 4 years ago
This is why you got to love white mommies or step mommies they teach the son's what to expect from a good girlfriend or wife. Just like the daddy, brother, uncle and cousin's teach the girls how to please a man and avoid pregnancy by giving head swallowing or doing anal.
Denise 37 4 years ago
I had been divorced for nearly 7 years over that time I seriously started noticing my son James.He started to really develop in all phases, height, looks, build,. I would get so horny looking at him, finally I just couldn't control myself anymore. The day of his 18th birthday this past Nov I finally made my move. OMFG am I ever happy I did. The sex was amazing very intense. God can he ever cum a lot. This past weekend I stopped birth control. We will see, I know I wont regret it
Fuck 4 years ago
What is the name of girl or boy
Doug 4 years ago
She's cute but that tit job is the shits!
That's one rusty ass hole she has!