BANGBROS - Spicy Latin Housekeeper Goes The Extra Mile For Her Client

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for all us 5 years ago
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5 years ago
I take it your e-books ain't doing as well as they sound like in the sales pitch. "Self publish for free" they say, "only 0 and we'll do printing, editing, and advertisment to your target audience" fuckin assholes say "our team of editors (educated literary langue writer whatever the fucks) will help your book" im sure you know what I'm talking about, I can tell your story teller from your video description. Most that is written in thesebig peniswow.
Your talents could be used elsewhere
lame 2 years ago
she sucks at cleaning
Nancy gonzalezJessie Rocha 4 years ago
Masterservice pirate Staffing in Ontario home cleaning in calabazas city
No sé 2 years ago
Ayuda con la tarea ¿Que opinan sobre los acechadores de la vida?
geremie 5 years ago
Ricky 3717m 3 years ago