Stepdad is watched by then fucks her too! Samantha Flair

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TNgirl 4 years ago
I used to have a friend that would fuck while I watched naked, fingering myself, from a chair a few feet away. Her and her dude would then turn on me, eat and fuck my holes until I was a mess. Good times.
Nice 4 years ago
Ive done this. My wife has a 19yr old daughter. Once my wife and i were fucking and she got a business call she had to get off and i was mad about it. She went and told her daughter to finish me off and she did it was weird at first but after sucking my cock i fucked her and came in her mouth. Well as i was cumming my wife came back in and enjoyed it. It was a little crazy but she still lives with us sooo i guess pay rent however
Damn 4 years ago
That green screen effect almost got me. Awesome work I must say
Lily 4 years ago
I love watching men being men theyust always more then one pussy even when married.
Whiteboy 4 years ago
I love her breasts
Trublu4u69 4 years ago
Very sexy, perfect body, gorgeous eyes. Love to caress your flawless skin. Give you multiple orgasms with just my tongue!!!!
4 years ago
what a lucky man
Mmm 4 years ago
Can I be next? Bet she tastes delicious off his dick.
Lilttlegirlly19 4 years ago
I so want to be her getting fucked hard mmm I just need my pussy filled especially since I just got off 3 times to this
Nice! Beauty! 4 years ago