Hardcore Spank and Throat Fuck Punishment of Worthless Slut

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Jack 2 years ago
I had this co worker who was shy but good looking one day we went out for dinner ended up in her place she told me what ever we do stays between us I thought shit is about to get real an boy I had no idea she ask me to pull her hair hard then to slap her around hard I was like no I can’t she said u can do what ever u won’t if u do what I want so I played along then she turned around and told take me from behind by force if I say no u fuck me harder in the ass best sex ever.
3 years ago
that's a good girl....she gets what she deserves....and she took it well
2 years ago
What a worthless DUDE. Small ass dick and he can't even keep it up.
Smh 3 years ago
What sluts do for money. Taking a beating.
Anon 3 years ago
Kate Truu is hardly as worthless slut! She's very worthwhile!
David619since69 1 year ago
She should say "thank you"...after you finish. And..."thank you for fucking my mouth...I love you"
Big s 2 years ago
For the payback time mommy big cock dildoe s fucking you...
1 year ago
I would marry her and spank her everyday.....
3 years ago
that is great
i do that with my wife last night
she enjoy it
Sletje 1 year ago
Wish someone would do this to me