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3 years ago
Fuck I need my pussy stretched open by a thick cock like this. I can squirt but only in doggystyle when it’s rough and hard I want to know if I can squirt all over a big fat cock like this.
Mia 3 years ago
Yuuuuuuuuuumm !! Bbc mmm the best
Bobby 2 years ago
Wow big fucken peace of beef wow !!!!
WTF 3 years ago
This dumb worthless whore ain’t going to shit right for a month!!! Lmao!!
Poke 2 years ago
Anyone else notice the powder on his nose??? Just me?? Ok.....Coked out lol
Hippoponamus 3 years ago
Wow, I see Manny is still on the scene. I takes a lot of blood to keep a dick that size hard. kudos my man, keep on plowing those dank holes.....
White snow bunny 3 years ago
I would not stop wanting him to cum in me or fuck me
Annaskirt 2 years ago
If I could take the girth I can take most or all of that length in my bottom. The girth is big though, he'd have to be patient. Once the tip was into me, we could both enjoy
MissCK1 2 years ago
Omg I love is dirty deep voice!! Reminds me of my late ex bf who was black and the love of my life.. he said the louder you scream the harder my cock gets, just like this guy gets off on it too.. love it
BBC is amazing 2 years ago
Love how she touches and sucks the balls too! I'd love to have mandingos balls in my mouth and hand