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Dude 4 years ago
I love how transphobes come on here just to watch these videos and then leave a lil hate comment. We all know you’re just ashamed of the fact that trans people turn you on
Transphobic 5 years ago
Why is this tagged lesbians
Joel 5 years ago
Beautiful people. I like porn that isn’t just actors who have no connection, it’s more loving.
abbey 4 years ago
damn HE is so sexy. Wish HE would fuck me
Everyone gangsta till jah... 4 years ago
This is a female, and a male. The only reason why the male has a vagina, is because he hasn’t received the bottom surgery. Genitalia does not determine sexual identity. He once was a woman that transitioned into a man therefore he is a male. Just because he still has a vagina doesn’t mean he’s female. Get your shit straight you dumbasses.
4 years ago
This isn't lesbian porn, it's a trans male and female so its straight porn
Uhh 4 years ago
He’s fine as hell
Socute 4 years ago
I see very much love, cute couple. I never saw this on porn video
Awww 4 years ago
They are such a cute STRAIGHT couple
Tina Blecher 4 years ago
So its transgender porn... Just didn't get the bottom surgery