Casting nervous desperate amateurs

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Why does... 4 years ago
The interviewer sound like a serial killer?
Jeezus! 4 years ago
These guys will film and fuck anything!
Hyhan 2 years ago
Jesus did they post ugly chick apply here?
Bring on the rolls 3 years ago
Check out Charlee at around the 11:30 mark. Watching her full vid on the site she was amazing. Quick to get her pants off for anyone to throw their cock up her vag. Love a slut like that!! Awesome titties too and great nipples.
6 months ago
The best thing about desperate single moms, chubby gals, and so on, is that you never have to wear a rubber. First one for me was about 20lbs overweight, didn't have any condoms, and begged for it raw. We fucked all night long before I drove her to the pharmacy for some EC. She got on bc pretty quick. The 25yo single momma I'm doing now doesn't care I'm married, she's just wanting cock in pussy. She did ask for a condom, but I said I was going to fill her pussy every time.