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Cocklover 4 years ago
Wouldn't all you girls love to get fucked in your horny cunts just like that and have your man watch you ...give it a go
3 years ago
My wife and I went from normal to , swinging to 3 way, mmf, ffm to me watching her with a guy to me watching a joining interracial to me crossdressing to both of now taking cock together and have found we love all our past experience, but each time we try something new it takes alot to get her to admit that she has been wanting to try it now we are looking for a gangbang on us both but either the guys lie or are to scared because it never happens , guess we will have to give up on that one.
3 years ago
hopefully your wife that just got fucked in front of you, takes you to a whore house and watches you fuck a broad there till you cum. its only fair
Heather 2 years ago
hb & I told our secrets about our turn ons , he wanted to fuck my sis &I ,So I was talking to sis says I hear your man hung I showed her picture she showed it too mom !! Mom says damn I need some that myself so she says ...say you take us all out for late dinner well go back to your house you blindfold him well all fuck him..Wow both had that good ass action loved his cock ..he loved it,,so later he returned my favor in full even better .. months when by we were all 4
Whats her name please? 4 years ago
Jim 3 years ago
Hot girl, good whore
Hot Becca 3 years ago
Ok now I love a good fuck with huge dick
Why are they pushing bbc !
Sorry they can’t do it any better than others
3 years ago
Ok they could have picked a better guy to fucker her like she really needed ,that guy didn't do her any better than the husband I will bet ,oh and every woman now days wants this but won't admit it.
Tim 2 years ago
Anyone want to fuck my wife like this she is going to do it tonight
Geno 2 years ago
My wife Michele wants to fuck my friend Mike W . He has huge cock and she wants his seed deep inside her mature pussy.