Man finger a sexy girl in bus

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Bigboobs 4 years ago
This is why i never wear panties under my dress. I would love getting my pussy fingered by a stranger
ReligiousGirl23 4 years ago
I fantasise about something like this happening to me.....
4 years ago
My pussy needs to get fingered in a public place. And after that to get fucked by his big cock. I am so horny and wet right now
3 years ago
I don't wear panties because my boss films my pussy under the desk. I take the bus and sit by a man and tell him, they usually go right for my pussy. Get to work and spread my legs once he is good and horney he calls me into his office and eats my pussy, fingers it and fucks it. His wife almost caught us once, yikes! I would hate for it to end.
4 years ago
Ooh god this is why I don't wear underwear, or clothes that cover my ass
Laci 4 years ago
I Wanna get fingered on a bus thats why i dont ware panties under my skirt or dress
you mama 4 years ago
sooo the people on the bus didn’t see? lmfao.
Kyla 4 years ago
This is my dream. To be fingered by a stranger in a public transpostation
id like this, 4 years ago
my pussy needs a dirty man with fat cock to tease me,fantasy needs to come true
3 years ago
Full video please