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Theon 4 years ago
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I used to have a female fuck buddy that was able and talented to be able to gape wide and stretch as much as the girl in the video. She was a true ANAL Queen and preferred ANAL only. I didn't mind sharing her with 5 other guys because she would have me fuck her ass on a daily basis. I later found out she has had over 100 guys fuck her in the ass and started doing ANAL since she was 12. True ANAL freak.
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I'm always look for ladies to let me gap that ass
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He Didn't spend enough time eating that ass. Nice technique spreading the ass and plunging the tongue deep! I love to eat ass until my jaw hurts.
Topsell 3 years ago
joe 4 years ago
what a way of sucking ass !!!
damitman 4 years ago
She has a very lovely donut! Not so ragged out plus a nice lacy pussy!
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Beautiful asshole, I would love to tongue fuck her ass like that.
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