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Str8horny 6 years ago
Well that pussy good for a hard pounding at least
Guy 6 years ago
This is love. Sex is a normal and heathy activity that should be enjoyed, not avoided. 
This should be part of a standard sex education curriculum.
For god's sake 6 years ago
Fkn lazy bitch!!!
What's her name? 6 years ago
Who is she?
ok... 7 years ago
was not that good cause the girl was really lousy
His voice 6 years ago
It was ok. The guy's voice was hot
Max 1 year ago
I would cum inside her vagina every day and fall in love with her. I would make sure she gets pregnant.
Dilan 1 year ago
mediocre 7 years ago
She was a dead fish with a loose pussy. Guy took forever to get off on her because she was fucking lazy just lay there. Sure pretty face but a weak fuck.
Booba remix 6 years ago
Elle est bonne elle sait baiser ok jmise dessus