Sweet married pussy 21

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Nurse Pam 1 year ago
I love that black stud and his BBC. Would love to lick and suck on his cock and balls and then have him mount me and put his dark chocolate meat inside my shaved married pussy. First with me on my back and then on my stomach, until he empties his big balls inside me. Then after he slowly pulls out, I'd have my little hubby lick me clean.
4 years ago
Anyone know who this girl is? Hot!
Schwann 1 year ago
I was once the guy asked to lay a fellas wife, and him watch. For some reason, I felt dirty after, and spent a moment disliking myself for it.

Weirder yet, years later i watch cuck porn sparsely even though I feel gross after (kinda puts me back there mentally).

Therapy rant over.
2 years ago
Best wife ever
Howarth 2 years ago
Jinxypie is so badass.
Tippy 2 months ago
I want my wife to experience this and have been hinting at it for awhile, the other day I had a red and black notebook to give her and she asked which one I wanted her to have I handed her the black one and she gave a big smile. I think she’s ready fore some BBC
Daddio195666 1 year ago
Props to you Mr Knight...every single one of your videos are top notch. Always respectable to the ladies, always leaving them, as well as yourself happy and satisfied. Keep up the good work brother
chmcki-2479 1 year ago
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Robert 1 year ago
She’s hot AF!
Stacie 1 year ago
Looks like another creampie that needs to be cleaned up... this crossdresser will gladly clean it!