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debbie 6 years ago
when you are eating out another girls pussy so good she yells and begs for more . until her pussy cum is all over your face :)
Mike 6 years ago
I love eating a Woman to the point where she can't take any more; when they are literally pushing me away because they're so wound out. That's when you know you've done the job right.
Kellie 6 years ago
My college roommate and I, who are both straight, came home from a party feeling good from too much wine. We started playing around and the next thing we were both in bed naked, she started to go down on me, after a wild orgasm I returned her the favor, we took turns on each other half the night. It was amazing!
Lucy 6 years ago
Mmm, having my Asian neighbor over tonight and we're going to reenact this scene. Can't wait to eat her sweet hairy pussy just like this!!
Sassy 6 years ago
That is some hot fucking pussy eating if someone ate me like that I would be squirting like crazy
MommaMay 2 years ago
I would love to eat another woman’s pussy. It’s my biggest fantasy.
Fap Freak Fuck Fag 6 years ago
HOTT!! DAMN, girl is a pussy licking pro!! Whew, come n eat my girlfriend like that, please!!
Bunny 6 years ago
Uummm...she looks like an AMAZING oral lover, and I wish she was MY best friend!
Pussyslayer 4 years ago
I need a phat pussy like that to eat til my face is soaked with your cum. Who’s ready for my tongue?
5 years ago
I lave hairy pusys