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Dave Cob 4 years ago
Fuck me that ginger one is fucking hot.Look at the way she's playing with her nipples,she certainly knows how to please herself.
1 year ago
made me cum
Lesbo 1 year ago
Lilly Is great
1 year ago
they definitelly need to get fucked
LOL 9 months ago
"Lesbians" with shaved armpits.

What's more, Mormons!
Spazzy 3 years ago
Stupid bitches that shave take a lesson here
Steve 4 years ago
In reality these 2 babes are in need of my 6.25" white cock,which is around the size of most men.The rest of us can dream we've got big cocks.
Don't forget boys,the most sensitive part of the vagina is the first inch or so,so if you've got a 9 incher that's 8" wasted!
rolandel 6 years ago
these two sluts are in need of a good hard black cock ... to really get fucked, they need my nine inches of hard black man meat and I'd show them a real good time ... one on my dick and one on my face ... I'd be the chocolate filling in their vanilla oreo cookie ... so much pussy, so little time
4 days ago
Humm la petite rousse bien bandante