Stuck in the Mud

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5 years ago
She is not alone she got the cameraman with her
mannnnn 8 years ago
why did no one go out there and fucked her
Tahmahaki 8 years ago
Why doesn't she roll over on her back, do a sit up, and use her legs to get herself up to her feet? I might be thinking to logical here.
Nona 8 years ago
To those of you wondering why She did this. My best guess is she is a submissive, and a slave. (Not forced slave, she has someone she considers her master, and willingly serves him/her.) odds are, her master told her too. If it is as a punishment, or just an instruction given to her, she is doing this for her master. Now, that is just what i think it is, not what I'm saying it is. I might be wrong, but i don't think so.
Jacob 7 years ago
Do this to me please
Conserned 7 years ago
But there were two victims in this video. The camera man was also left there alone till sundown.
mind hurts 8 years ago
Dick omost went up i think
Aria and Lilly 8 years ago
this is poor
balls on deck 8 years ago
9gag sent me here
frank 8 years ago
i have always wondered, how do you get a girl to do this?
just pick her up in a bar and offer her lots of money?
hire an actress through an agency?
get her to owe you lots of money for crack?
or do you lie to her and convince her it is a free government skin cancer check?