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2 months ago
I lived as a babysitter for a couple while I was in college. I would have sex with the woman’s husband. She knew. He would come to my room and I knew she could hear my bed and what we were doing. I’m not going to say I regret it. He was treated me very well.
Love to fuck. 2 months ago
That's a dream fuck. I have a cock that would love that,and two healthy balls guaranteed to deliver a prize load.
2 months ago
She can sit on my face with that ass anytime and yes I would fuck it too
Annomous 1 month ago
I would love to ride that dock and have him to suck and bite on my hard nipples
Nasty frigga 1 month ago
Sexxy body, I'd empty my balls deep in her wet pussy...
1 month ago
Her warm pussy HAS to feel pretty damn good to his peter.
Boring 2 months ago
1 month ago
If she's naked & horny, lets fuck & do this right. However don't fuck to fast, you want the pleasure to last a little while before you cum.
Perfect 2 months ago
Candidate to turn into a freak super star I would teach this girl how to be a good Lil slut .an a big cock loving hoe with class of course
Mich 2 months ago
She is in a great position for a dp!!!