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10 months ago
This video reminded me why I can't be with only men. That body, that pussy; too perfect. TOO perfect. Id ewt her up ALL DAY. So fucking hot!
Duckafuck 10 months ago
I love the way her feet shudder with anticipation just before he enters her
Tippin 8 months ago
My stepmother was asleep one night my dad was working late she was waiting up for him I went in her room kissing her and ect. I bent her over and slowly sliding my cock in her tight little pussy she responded saying honey your so big. I fucked her in every possible position. My dad finally came home and she told him honey my pussy is so sore you never fucked me like this before.. my dad questioned her asking why the sheets were soaked.
Said 11 months ago
my fabart video. you video very good
6 months ago
i was waiting for her to remove the blindfold
My god 7 months ago
She's perfect
SEX AJ 10 months ago
4 months ago
Id love to tie her up and just fuck her brains out she's got a great body and tits and wish she was my step mom id always want to fuck her
OHIO GUY 7 months ago
said 11 months ago
Friend very very nice video.