My Dom came across me jacking off in the backyard, he got me to worship his cock, humiliated and used me to no avail. A few nights later, after a party, covered in weird clown makeup, I had my asshole used as his personal cum bucket.

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1 year ago
I'd love to have you worship my cock
1 year ago
I'd love to see you do a footjob titfuck or spitroast
1 year ago
Your dom is such a lucky guy
Alex 4 weeks ago
Interesting, the uncertainty, the waiting, the alternation between the soft/warm/gentle/caring - and the sudden pain/humiliating/punishi

The soft, loving kiss while the hand firmly squeezes a breast until her eyes water. Or the cheek, a second ago tenderly carressed, suddenly slapped on the same spot where the soft lips just were. Two sides of one coin, receiving.
Bla 1 month ago
Omg CRINGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heisengeberg 4 months ago
Lets cock, Mr Pinkman.
Azn 6 months ago
Looks like Ashley
M20 6 months ago
Pinché cobarde lo e de ayar