British housewife Donna & Richard Dogging

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Heather 10 months ago
I love dogging, hubby doesn't like it when they penetrate me, so I don't always let them.
Claire 3 months ago
Wen I was first introduced to dogging I was, with my then bf, sunbathing in the dunes near Southport. I was wearing a bikini and fell asleep and he went for a walk. When I woke up and looked around for him, I saw men behind the long grass, wanking. I was so turned on I nearly came and started touching myself, he came back and finished me off, but I was too scared to let any of them join in. xx
7 months ago
Seen those two at swingers clubs in Sheffield ages ago. My mate fucked her once and said she was a brilliant shag. His wife took it up the arse from her bloke.
ME!! 8 months ago
Wish my wife would do something like that!!!, I'd love it.
Anita from Monmouth 4 months ago
Where and when can I go local in my car to get into the dogging scene I want to get fucked while I play with my brother in laws cock and suck him off
BiLover 11 months ago
He got a nice cock but she deserves a better lover. I would kiss you after coming in your face darling. You’re beautiful.
lol 8 months ago
This guys needs to find prostitutes with teeth.
John 2 months ago
Perfect wife
7 months ago
She looks so horny lying on the back seat playing with her cunt.
7 months ago
She was hungry for that load in her mouth