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1 year ago
Anyone notice the truffle butter at the end..
Teresa 1 year ago
I had a black boyfriend who was hung like a horse when he fuck my pussy he would cum in 15 minutes. When he fuck me In ass he would fuck and fuck me . One nite he fuck me for hours and him ramming it to the balls In my ass . Glad we ain't together no more at least my butthole is tighten back up lol
Eric Lyon 1 year ago
Is duck sauce made from ducks or for putting on ducks?
What is here name? 1 year ago
What is her name?
Ahh 1 year ago
He using the duck sauce as anal lube and throat lube.
Y’all seen the Anal caviar? 1 year ago
Peep the Anal caviar
Duck sauce 1 year ago
How can she forget her duck sauce?
It's all her fault tbh
Don 1 year ago
I love Asian pussy so much I’m glad they’re easy women to fuck
1 year ago
She has a sweet bootyhole
smfh 12 months ago
stupid b*tch forgot the duck sauce paid the price