Seeing my wife get pregnant by my best friend - cuckold doesn't have the courage to watch how his wife's ass is broken right in front of him - his best friend leaves him dreaming full of cum on the delightful wife

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Dry af 1 year ago
Does she even get wet?
Lilly 8 months ago
You should be proud of your wife and always bring men to fuck her
10 months ago
i would just kill my wife if she did that to me
Christopher cuckold 8 months ago
There's nothing better watching your best friend getting his dick suck in front her husband.w
My Aislynn love Zack 12 inch dick. Zack and aislynn. My wife aislynn told me right after the the wedding Aislynn she put his big 12 inch dick inside her in front everyone and and impregnate me.
9 months ago
I had todo this to my bestfriends gf cause he passed out. Literally right infront of him but he was out out I put something special in his drink when he wasnt looking
9 months ago
Divorce the Bitch
7 months ago
Just another worthless woman
cuckman 2 months ago
I call bullshit! none of them even have wedding rings!
Truth 3 months ago
He need to divorce his wife!
8 months ago
seed a baseball bat fixes shit like this