Getting my tight asshole fucked by a real cock for the very first time | ANAL | PAINAL

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Grimlock 1 year ago
Love the look on her face as she takes it
His Slut 1 year ago
I would suck and get fucked by the old man who lived next door. He was fucking me then shoved his hard old dick up my ass. OMG ripped my asshole wide open. crying he just kept fucking it until he filled me with cum.
Jeff k 1 year ago
I must be really sick in the head because she looks so hot being in pain. Or she a good actress. All I know is tge more she squealed the harder I got!
Bored 1 year ago
Fuck her ass harder
oscareatseverything 1 year ago
I remember the first time I was fucked in the ass lasted maybe1 mn. and had to stop it took years of practise with dildos and lots of streching before I could finnish what I started now I love it
Annoynomous 1 year ago
If she wouldn't have tensed up it wouldn't hurt as bad. My husband wanted to fuck my ass I said hell no it hurts tried it hated it..he got my pussy so fucking hot that night I was 8mo pregnant and horny as hell I started off reverse cowgirl he pulled out stuck his cock in my tight ass it hurt for a second and then he started rubbing my clit I squirted all over him as he fucked my ass hard!!.. mm I'll never forget that night!
bigbutt 1 year ago
My first time was an accident, hubby invited a guy for me, but he gave me anal, I cried and begged but to no avail.
1 year ago
Me next
Dave 1 year ago
forget the guy this woman is superb
Master 1 year ago
Like To See More Of Her.