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Julio 2 years ago
I like it better hairy. Depends how trimmed....
Pierre 2 years ago
Stupid ! Do you think there's not already enough shaved pussy around ?
Bazza 2 years ago
Looks nice
Ron 1 year ago
Grew up in a nudist home my mom has a line of hair to her belly button and on the small of her back because of her is why I’m attracted to hairy woman and I also have a weakness for hairy guys lol just saying
Big Fat cock 1 year ago
Its not extremely hairy I've seen much much hairy big time more
OMG 1 year ago
This woman is a real turn on
1 year ago
Cute toes, nice job trimming the muff. Looked really pretty.
4 months ago
I would have thought the vibration from the shaver against her pussy would have made her so horny that she would want to beat her clit.
spider 7 months ago
he should of late that pussy after shaving it
Mcmhed 2 months ago
I like this work.